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Host a Solar Farm

Gain additional income by leasing your land or rooftop to us.

What is a Solar Farm?

Solar farms are large scale solar installations used to harvest the suns power and send that electricity to the power grid for distribution and consumption by customers like you.



Property Owners

Hosting a Solar farms on your land allows you to generate long-term consistent excess income.

Hosting a Solar farms on your roof allows you to generate income from a previously under utilized asset.

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If you’re a landowner or property owner who is interested in leasing please contact us

Have Space Available?

Let us take care of the development

Our expert team will take care of the project from site assessment to installation at no cost to the property owner.

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Accessing the Site

Surya Powered completes a preliminary site assessment to measure available space in order to provide you a lease rate.


Permitting & Building Codes

We handle all of the paperwork. We work with the utility, village, and the county and meet all building code regulations and environmental requirements.

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Design & Planning

We are forming a long-term partnership with you so we ensure all of your needs are addressed. This includes necessary access and clearances.



Surya Powered's racking system does not penetrate the roof so our Solar System will not add any additional roof maintenance. Our ground mounted racking system is industry leading and will not cause damage to your land.

  • Is my home good for solar?
    There a few key factors when analyzing whether your house is good for solar. Factors include roof age, orientation, slope, shading, and size. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us so that our experts can determine if your home is appropriate for solar. We have close relationships with roofing company's and can assist with roofing work if needed.
  • What happens when I decide to move?
    Surya Powered makes it seamless to transfer your solar lease agreement on to the new homeowners. Our Solar transfer specialists handle everything from engaging with potential buyers to relators, home inspectors, and anyone else who needs to know about your solar lease agreement.

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