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Solar Leasing

$0 Down

Lock in low, fixed monthly payments.

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Hedge Against Rising Energy Prices

Use your roof as the asset it is and start saving money instantly. With Surya Powered's monthly solar leasing plan you can enjoy renewable energy for as little as $0 down. Lock in low, fixed monthly payments and enjoy benefits of renewable energy without a large initial investment. 

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  • Is my home good for solar?
    There a few key factors when analyzing whether your house is good for solar. Factors include roof age, orientation, slope, shading, and size. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us so that our experts can determine if your home is appropriate for solar. We have close relationships with roofing company's and can assist with roofing work if needed.
  • What happens when I decide to move?
    Surya Powered makes it seamless to transfer your solar lease agreement on to the new homeowners. Our Solar transfer specialists handle everything from engaging with potential buyers to relators, home inspectors, and anyone else who needs to know about your solar lease agreement.

Want to see how much going solar can save you? Customers who enter into Solar Leases save an average of 15% off their current electricity bill.

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