Building the future of clean energy.

At Surya Powered, we collaborate with landowners, communities, and regulators to advance the renewable energy transition. As one of the most experienced developers in the U.S., we have a proven track record of deploying high quality Community Solar projects.

who we are

A Team Focused on Success

Surya Powered is pioneering a sustainable future through the development of renewable energy projects. Guided by a seasoned management team, we specialize in the development of utility-scale and distributed power plants nationwide. Surya Powered stands as one of the nation's premier solar developers.

WHAT we do

Delivering value in all aspects of the project

We take pride in our meticulous solar land analysis process, which leverages cutting-edge proprietary software. This advanced tool allows us to conduct comprehensive assessments of electrical infrastructure and environmental factors with precision and efficiency. By harnessing data-driven insights, we can identify optimal locations for solar development while ensuring minimal environmental impact. Our commitment to utilizing innovative technology in our analysis process underscores our dedication to delivering sustainable energy solutions that maximize efficiency and benefit both our clients and the environment.

We prioritize more than just solar land acquisition; we prioritize building lasting relationships with landowners and communities. Through our approach, we ensure that every step of the process is transparent, collaborative, and mutually beneficial. By partnering with landowners, we aim to provide not only immediate financial benefits but also long-term value through sustainable land use practices and ongoing community engagement initiatives.

In our permitting process for solar farms, community engagement and feedback play a pivotal role. We understand that integrating solar farms into the host environment is essential for long-term success. That's why we prioritize open communication and collaboration with local communities throughout the permitting journey. By actively seeking and incorporating community feedback, we ensure that our solar farms not only meet regulatory requirements but also harmonize with the surrounding environment. From wildlife preservation to aesthetic considerations, we strive to develop solar projects that are not just efficient but also respectful of the local ecosystem and community values.

Collaboration with utility partners is integral from the initial Feasibility study all the way through Commercial Operation Date (COD). We prioritize building and nurturing strong relationships with utilities, understanding that their cooperation is fundamental to the success of our projects. Through diligent coordination and communication, we ensure that every phase of the project aligns seamlessly with the utility's requirements and standards. By working hand in hand with utility partners, we not only streamline the engineering process but also pave the way for efficient project execution and reliable operation.

Our focus is on delivering high quality assets that stand the test of time for our joint development partners and long-term asset owners. We prioritize meticulous planning, innovative design, and rigorous execution to ensure that every project meets or exceeds industry standards for reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we create opportunities for our partners to maximize returns and achieve their long-term objectives. Our commitment to delivering high-quality assets remains unwavering, underscoring our dedication to driving success and value for all stakeholders involved.

What makes us different

Community Driven

At Surya Powered, we employ a community-driven approach that prioritizes open dialogue and collaboration with local stakeholders. We recognize the importance of engaging with all members of the community to ensure the success of our projects. By actively seeking input and feedback from these key stakeholders, we can address concerns, navigate regulatory requirements, and tailor our projects to fit seamlessly into the local environment. This proactive communication not only fosters trust and transparency but also paves the way for successful, sustainable solar initiatives that benefit everyone involved.

Lease your land

Empowering Landowners

We empower landowners by offering long-term leases of 35+ years, providing stable cash flows that often exceed what they earn from farming. Through this partnership, landowners not only benefit financially but also contribute to environmental preservation, enhancing the quality and sustainability of their land for generations to come.

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